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Mads Mikkelsen is such an anomaly as an actor?? and a human being in general????

  • He doesn’t remember SHIT about filming Casino Royale (he didn’t even REALIZE he was auditioning for a part in the first place, he said he just literally walked in and instantly got the job?! To the point Daniel Craig borderline interrogated him for how he got cast so easily, considering he had to undergo MULTIPLE AUDITIONS before he got cast himself??)
  • He wasn’t overwhelmingly interested in NBC Hannibal’s lead role until he found out that long-time bestie Hugh Dancy was already cast as the other lead (HUGH TOO. He hyped himself up for having Mads as his co-star, forgot that decision wasn’t up to him, then sat anxiously by his phone for confirmation from the network. NERD. NERDS. BOTH OF THEM).
  • “You should make a movie in Denmark!“, i.e. Mads’ drunken solution to ensure he and Hugh could hang out more often because they live in different countries. What a darling.
  • According to Janice Poon, he’ll eat anything. No matter how gross. Including frigid bone marrow with a straight face.
  • And then he only hopped onto Death Stranding because his son, a prolific gamer, recognized what a huge deal Hideo Kojima is and told him he had to… Carl Jacobsen Mikkelsen has the sort of power we can only dream of.
  • He was pretty much entirely unfamiliar with Star Wars before he was cast as Galen Erso (I distinctly recall him grimacing in the bg during a cast interview when asked if they’ve watched their new film yet, with Ben Mendelsohn giving him a very pointed knowing smirk because he KNEW. HE KNEW MADS HADN’T SEEN IT YET-) and spent plenty of time failing quite miserably at SW trivia games with the cast.
  • Then that one interview where he casually cracks a bottle of liquor open on camera. What an icon.
  • And correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe a major reason he joined the cast of Dr. Strange was because he was going to be allowed to perform his own stunt and fight scenes?? I think the convo went something along the lines of “Will I get to fight?” “Ye-” “Ok”.
  • His female co-stars swoon at him. He literally causes hoards of his male co-stars to seriously begin questioning their sexuality.
  • If it wasn’t for his team he’d probably show up to every award show in the latest neon adidas athletic wear.
  • Reminds his wife on a constant basis that she’s married to the sexiest man alive from like ten years ago or smth. I think Hanne said he even has the clipping stating so and sometimes pulls it out.

Is he even real???

Love cryptid discussions

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